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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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jose mayor used. >> the audit was triggered by nbc bay area investigation that first exposed this issue. jenna susko has the latest. >> it could read $650 million by 2015. even though city officials revealed the mayor was told not to use that number. today the state auditor confirmed what we first reported. pension projections were unfounded. >> well, the figure is not overstated. the figure is just a number. >> he's talking about $650 million. the state auditor found the primary purpose of that projection was for the mayor to call attention to rising retirement costs. the audit revealed today what nbc bay area exposed earlier this year. the official projection is about half that. >> so you're still standing by this number? >> the number is the number. >> a number the state audit calls unsupported and likely overstated. >> they said there's no
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documentation, nothing to support that number, and it was likely overstated. >> well, that's not correct. >> that's what it says. >> no, that's not what it says. >> mayor, that's what the audit says. it says the $650 million number was unsupported and likely overstated. >> by unsupported, i mean, there was no formula given to them to do a calculation. but, in fact, it was supported by the professional staff. that's how the number was arrived at. >> that's because the number came from russell crosby, retirement services director at the time. this is what he told us in january. >> that was the number off the top of my head. >> and the mayor was told not to use that number. >> crosby said the same thing during his interview with the state. >> did anyone ever tell you not to use that number? >> only you, i think. >> what the audit shows is there was a continued pattern of exaggeration. >> the numbers game has created
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public distrust. >> we know we need to sit town. but that wasn't good enough. they had to continue to trump at this number that was exaggerated and had no actuarial basis. >> $400 million was also used by the mayor. reporting multiple numbers in a short period of time may have caused confusion among the stakeholders intending to make informed decisions. it's unclear which retirement cost projections the voters relied on. >> do you believe you made any mistakes over the past year using that number or the other numbers? >> no. >> the mayor's office also took issue with the audit, saying the use of that $650 million figure was characterized by the state and only offered in the discussion. they cited multiple city documents, press release sps
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public presentations where $650 million was used. the same examples we found back in february. >> jenna, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail directly to theunit @nbc bay area. a discovery of drugs and ended in arrests. nbc bay area jodi hernandez was there and the story only on nbc bay area. >> dozens of parole agents stormed the parole center pulling them out of bed for a surprise search. >> we don't want the ability for drugs to be flushed, thrown away or hidden. so we want to get in here quickly, safely for us and our clients, and establish that we're in charge. >> drug-sniffing dogs scoured
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beds and belongings, signaling when they smelled narcotics. >> scratching on it, barking. letters in several rooms. >> with the search narrowed, agents got to work, rifling through lockers and pulling apart bedding. they indeed found drugs in some surprising hiding places. this syringe filled with black tar heroin appeared to have been freshly cooked and stashed in a shoe. >> surprised him. wasn't able to get his hit today. >> all of these folks have spent time at the institutions. they have learned how to hide drugs, where we look and where we don't look. they will hide them in socks and shoes. >> agents arrested five parolees, handcuffing and carting them back off to jail. the center director hoped the raid weeded out the bad apples
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to the rest of the residents can stay clean and the community can stay safe. >> i want to make sure these guys stay drug free. >> again, agents uncovered suspected drugs, drug paraphernalia and a suspected fraudulent check. they are behind bars to answer to the alleged parole violations. a crime-fighting program met headlines in new york and is about to be launched in oakland. operation cease-fire cut crime in new york city by 80% in the last two decades. it notifies crime lords that they're being watched. sometimes the cooperation ends the cycle of violence is rewarded with a job. other times they are worried prosecutors will throw the book at them. they saw little success. many believe it failed because of failure to prosecute any
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suspects. palo alto police are help hoping you can help identify a man that sully battered a woman in broad daylight. it happened on the 600 block of fulton street. this is not far from university avenue. today police released this sketch of the suspect. he approached a woman from behind, reached under her dress, groped her and then ran away >> there are billions of dollars at stake, but the judge in the patent trial between apple and samsung said step one is to keep the jurors awake. among the instructions given to jurors by the judge, stay conscious. there's a lot of complex details of the case where both accuse the other of stealing smartphone details. the best sailors in the world are on the water in the san francisco bay. it's a high risk, high reward sport where the speeds are breakneck and the crashes are breathtaking. the america's cup world series races are here.
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nbc bay area loren scott joins us in san francisco where the skippers got in their final practice runs before the real races get started tomorrow. good evening, loren. >> hey, raj. they do the qualifying tomorrow for the match racing. today the weather not quite as good as it is in the morning when they started the practice runs. i'll show you a couple teams that docked here at marina green. you will see the conditions making for some pretty interesting practice turns. and the first wave of spectators braving the blustery weather for an early look. the the enthusiasm is high because it is time. one of the men whose vision it was to help bring america's cup racing to the bay area is a true racing legend. the winningest america's cup skipper ever. we talked to him about just what's in store. >> oracle usa joining us here.
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we talked about it so long, the america's cup coming to the bay area. now it's here. the time is now. tell me about what we're about to see here. >> wow. we're excited to just get it on. this week it's going to be some great racing. 11 teams, great competition. it's going to be very cool to be out there. >> for you it's kind of a challenging week because you are running oracle team usa and skippering your boat. what are some of the challenges of running the operation and also being on the water? >> a lot of people will be running the team this week. i'm out there to win. yeah, we're doing the best we can and hopefully jimmy and royce can keep their form up. the first season they finished as world series champions. >> those are the defenders. those are the defending champs. and they're the favorites again. oracle team usa. they've got to do it all again here starting at marino green.
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races tomorrow through sunday. oracle team usa headquarters down the way at pier 80. again, the favorites. but let's see what happens here as we watch a full week of racing. should be a lot of fun. back to you in the studio. >> loren scott reporting from marina green. for complete america's cup coverage, go to each day we'll post video, much of it exclusive video from all the action on the water. firefighters reporting slow and steady progress battling the mass itch pond rosa fire. the fire burning east of interstate 5 along the shasta line near the town of manton and shingleton. it's 35% contained at this point with full containment expected sunday. firefighters helped crews make big gains in containing the flames.
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nearby ranchers say at least 26 properties are gone. fire officials say they haven't made an official count yet pause they're too busy battling that fire. live in san jose where the police chief is responding to demands to bring in additional resources to help with the spike in crime. that story coming up. also ahead at nbc pay exclusive. at home with macreamy and elian lopez >> and the problem in the east bay. good evening. i'm jeff ranier ya. the cooling breeze is back again. numbers dropping from san francisco over to napa, currently 70. a look ahead to our wednesday. one of the warmest spots the east bay. we will expect 70 by the noon hour. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> frustration is brewing in the biggest city. get help now. a very frank letter, a state legislator is calling for the police chief to admit he doesn't have the officers to stop the violence on the streets. the letter comes as police bring in another homicide investigation. this time the victim is a 38-year-old man found dead in a park in north san jose. this happened on saturday. it wasn't ruled as a homicide, however, until today. it's san jose's sixth homicide in the past eight days. nbc bay area kimberly terry joins us with the new demands and proposed solutions to stop the violence. kimberly? >> raj, the police chief acknowledges this has been one of the worst weeks for san jose as gang violence reaches a high point. >> we need more police officers
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because we got our budget cuts. more understanding of what's going on. would be helpful. >> san jose residents say they want to know what is causing the spike in violent crime which included at least nine shootings and two stabbings in a week, five of them fatal. >> thousands of inmates that were at one time in state prison now released to the counties. we have jails that are full and counties as a result are putting an awful lot of folks on the street who otherwise wouldn't be on the street and cities are left to deal with the result. in a letter delivered today to police chief chris moore, violence is spiraling out of control this san jose as shootings have become commonplace in neighborhoods throughout the city. she goes on to ask the chief to call in the california highway patrol to prevent this crime wave from becoming the norm. chris moore said he read the
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letter but did does not feel the situation is critical enough to ask for aid from the chp. >> while i appreciate it, i don't think we're there yet. other cities have been. if you think of what happened in richmond, oakland, they have utilized that resource. it's not that i'm opposed to it. again, iant to make sure in good faith we're in a position where we're going to need it and how would they be used. >> some are taking matters into their own hands to keep neighborhoods safe. they have been working on securing a contract. and they have stepped up to pay for additional sheriff deputies to patrol the downtown corridor. police are working closely with the mayor's gang prevention task force to get the upper hand on the violence and doing what they can to move detectives back on the street. kimberly terry, nbc. thank you, kimberly.
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keep it local. unemployed construction workers in san francisco are demanding the school district come up with a concrete plan to put them back to work. they say they want jobs rebuilding schools. after a $40 million construction project is about to get under way at the brown academy. the school has been closed for more than a year due to its dilapidated state. the money came from a bond approved last year. but they aren't using local workers to build the school. >> it is very sad. the pressure and just being in the unions and being the last to get hired and the first to get fired, it's really tough. >> workers say they will continue to protest until the district begins doing local hiring. the district released a statement saying they do all they can to support those who
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live and work in san francisco. in short, we cannot have other than the lower bidder. one east bay city is turning plastics into an ally. >> thousands of plastic bottles are being used to tackle an ugly issue that's threatening a beautiful piece of nature. >> we normally hear environmentalists warning of plastic bottles ending up as pollution. but in one east bay city the bottles were sailing to the rescue. >> the fish have gotten more and more stunted because of the amount of nitrates. >> in walnut creek heather farm lake, the high level of nitrates caused algae blooms to fly fishern were less than impressive. >> little tiny fish. do i really want this minnow? and it's not. it's supposed to be a big fish.
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>> the city turned to an unusual solution. it hired a company that specializes in building floating islands. they are then covered with plants with nitrogens. here's where the plastic bottles come in. those islands are made of them. >> this particular island holds up to 3,600 plastic bottles, the same kind that you and i use almost every day. >> the four-layer platform was bottles with specially drilled holes filled with plants. >> i like helping out. it's really fun to help out, stop pollution. >> wants the plants take root, they will be floating gardens and fish. >> so it will take nitrate loads out of the water, turn it into fish food. in a sense we're developing fish. >> the city said the islands are a clean way to clean up the lake
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without using herbicides. with any luck, the fish will grow big enough, people may get excited about catching them. >> a year from now we will have nice sized fish and fly fisherman can teach on a daily basis. let's turn things over to our meteorologist jeff ranieri. is the band back together? >> i know. >> we missed you around here, buddy. all right. let's take a look at today's highs. no matter where you were in the bay area, we had something for everyone. 60 at the coastline. 61 in san francisco. 70 in fremont. 80 in san rafael. winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour up against the coastline. it is dropping temperatures everywhere. we're seeing numbers down to 70 in sun have vale.
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the warm pocket in the south bay is gilroy, 83. speaking of which, let's take you to the sky camera network. san jose never looked better so far this week if i do say so myself. lots of blue sky across downtown. marine layer we're tracking but definitely not as bad as it has been the past few days. we will have fog coming back into the forecast but not as thick here for tonight. you need a jacket if you're going out to dinner in san francisco let's say. fog is widespread across the west. the northern portion of the coastline, with the winds building up as they are, the fog returning for tonight. not too bad out here across san francisco, as we just showed you or over to oakland. for 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, the fog and low clouds, also rain. napa, the entire peninsula and parts of the east bay. then as we transition into about 11:00 and noon hour, the fog pushes back. we'll have a lot of sun line like we did today.
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familiar fog will be hanging out against the immediate coastline for wednesday. we can't shake the fog totally for your mid week forecasts. numbers in the 70s by the bay for wednesday and mid-80s inland. if you want the warm weather, we have that too. a stpaoebg peek at the seven-day forecast. the first three days, how does this sound, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s on friday. nice summer stride. holding out on the weekend. full details later on in the show. >> thank you, jeff. see you then. happening now, we have some nail biting and cheering. petaluma little league team is fight to go stay alive in the world series. hundreds of fans are anxiously watching from the movie theater. we have live pictures inside the theater. what are they watching? well, the big screen tv, of course. big crowds all week rooting for the home which is playing bristol, connecticut right now in the little league world series.
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petaluma leading connecticut 4-0 in the fifth inning. >> it's just incredible. i went down to regionals. it was just amazing. >> i think it's really cool that they made it to the world series. >> it is really cool. a lot of cheers. once again, petaluma leading connecticut 4-0 in the fifth inning right now. it is an elimination game, meaning if petaluma does not win, they will be heading back to the bay area. they have an early lead now. highlights later in sports. >> well, still ahead here at 6:00, firing up the tech world. why mark zuckerberg's culinary skills are putting another company in the spotlight. also ahead, a surprising new report on just how much food americans waste each year. and keeping social media private. the potential new protection for college students in california. we're back in a moment.
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for the first time in more than five years, san jose international airport will have a direct flight connecting the bay area to asia. nonstock to tokyo january 11th. they will fly a 787 dreamliner which will be the first bay area airport to use the plane. it has been struggling to keep and attract new flights. >> connecting south bay residents and business individuals with tokyo and asia at an airport that is almost guaranteed to be on time, i think the business traveler and leisure travelers will appreciate that. >> it will be convenient for many people here. >> if you're interested you can begin booking a week august 30th. would you give your facebook password to your boss? probably not. the state assembly just passed a
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bill to keep passwords safe from employers and schools. they asked job seekers and workers for their facebook and twitter account information. it would keep them from having to provide personal e-mail information to employers. it heads to the state senate for a vote. pawnshop owners are going online in an effort to help law enforcement and possibly save small businesses money. governor jerry brown signed a bill that would allow for a creation of statewide database. it allows for instant updates which help police track down the sale of possible stolen items in real-time. the new bill will require store owners to pay a fee of $300 per year to cover the cost of this new database. still ahead, the truth in the tooth. how your dental health could offer help on your risk of developing dementia.
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barbara boxer, the scathing comments she had for todd akin and the republican party. nbc bay area exclusive. we sit down at home with kareemy and lopez. life and politics and their future together. we're back in a moment.
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the the scrutiny has been intense. the sheriff of san francisco pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of false imprisonment after abusing his wife. whether it's a political witch-hunt or fair punishment, mirkarimi is rebuilding his life at home. they agreed to their first ever jot interview since his arrest eight months ago. tonight, an nbc bay area exclusive. the interview with mirkarimi and
6:30 pm
eliana lopez. >> inside this modest home unfolds the life of perhaps san francisco's most talked about family. the images are priceless. >> i love those. >> and yet damaging. the image eight months ago. a bruise on the arm of a distressed wife. it led to a political mess and the separation of a family. >> what have you missed in the last eight months with them? >> his birthday, the fact that he is gone from speaking english as a 2-year-old to now speaking fluent spanish. he's a toddler. he's my little big boy. he's big for 3. we're incredibly close. and it was really hard for us to be apart. >> to see your son, who is so little, missing so much his dad, that is thankful foe me and that
6:31 pm
is wrong. >> ultimately, where does the blame go? >> i take full responsibility for everything that has occurred, and i have taken responsibility. i just never expected the level of severity the way that it has been personalized, the dehumanizing, both of eliana, my family, and of myself in order for the mayor and their allies to try to further their gain in trying to oust me from office. that's where it segues into politics. >> you said you were talking or contemplating divorce before this whole thing exploded. has this whole episode in a way brought you together or has it torn apart your family even more? >> one of the gifts i think is like we are stronger. i don't have any absolutely doubt that we are a family. i think that is a strong feeling inside me and i think it's a
6:32 pm
strong feeling inside ross. >> if you don't get your job back, will you work again in san francisco? >> plan b or plan c is another interview. >> we are a family. we love each other. we have a beautiful son. >> are you fearful plan b could be right around the corn senator. >> naturally. every single day i have been thinking about what is the prospect of not having my job. >> sheriff mirkarimi's problems start with the mayor. he triggered the hearing that could now cost mirkarimi his job. we asked the mayor to respond to the sheriff's charges that this has become a political power play. >> i base my decision on the facts that he and his attorneys and everyone involved with his view presented to the courts. and if he felt that the court has been given an opportunity he certainly had opportunity there
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at the ethics commission that voted 4-1 on the essential charges of -- that were based upon the court pleas that he had. >> again, the board of supervisors will decide if mirkarimi can keep his job. they're not expected to take up that issue until at least next month. 9 of the 11 supervisors need to agree to remove mirkarimi from office. if you would like to see the ross mirkarimi interview in its entirety or the complete transcript, it's posted on our website, >> flanked by orange jacketed transportaon workers, barbara boxer got a look at the bart station. it represents the largest transportation building project in the south bay in its history. most of the work so far is demolition. boxer, among the washington leaders who helped secure the new grant to help fund that construction. transportation authority plans to extend bart into san jose. it was just a warmup for boxer.
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she spoke in front of a group of planned parenthood supporters. she criticized todd akin's comments about rape. she said the criticism should extend to the entire republican party. marianne favro has more. >> she said they were indicative of the repb leadership. she also accused the republican party of launching a war on women. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> today u.s. senator barbara boxer once again lashed out at u.s. senate candidate todd akin's comments during a visit to san jose. >> he made a vial, outrageous and dangerous and ignorant statement. >> speaking before planned parenthood supporters, she said they were not just the isolated opinion of one republican candidate. >> when people say to you, isn't that akin, you know, ridiculous
6:35 pm
you say yes, but. this is an outgrowth of the war against women and it's way deeper than one republican congressman. it goes right to the top of the republican ticket. >> but the vice chairman of the santa clara republican party said boxer's criticism is unfair. >> it's unfortunate that senator boxer paints all republicans with such a broad brush. she forgets she represents all residents, over 5 million of which are republicans and some rf on whi of which are women. >> she may represent a community 1800 miles away, it's clear his comments are impacting this area. planned parenthood has seen a big response. >> i think people are very fired up about the comments that were made that were incrediblien insensitive. not only that but completely wrong. absolutely.
6:36 pm
again, i think people have been coming to us through social media to let us know they're outraged by this. >> she said she hopes the comments will motivate more people to fight for women's rights with their most powerful weapon, their vote. >> there is a war against women and ryan and romney, if they are elected, would become its top generals. and we cannot let that happen. >> today akin also spoke out, accusing his critics of overreacting to his comments about rape. marianne favro, nbc news. that's what they want him to do, drop out. that's what mitt romney is asking todd akin to do. the senate candidate is refusing, though. in addition to romney and the request to step aside, he lost funding from the republican national convention. akin launched ads again explaining that he misspoke when he used the phrase legitimate
6:37 pm
rape in describing his abortion position. his comments are part of a string or marks that we have seen from both sides, the left, far left, and far right. let's bring in political analyst larry gerston to talk about this. the comments are so extreme. how can they even get away with some of this stuff? >> it's not by accident. it begins with their congressional districts. in these cases really are safe because of lopsided party registration numbers. that gives these people enormous freedom. and the second factor, jessica, is the composition of the districts which rarely match the way we look nationally. so look at todd akin for a second. go to his district. what do we see? it's 94% white. very different from the rest of the country. also, mostly suburban. better off than the inner-city areas. akin had 9% more votes in his district than john mccain had in the state of missouri. so he comes out ahead in that
6:38 pm
extreme district. that's how it goes over and over again. >> okay. so obviously -- i don't think we have had anyone in the bay area that said something as outrages on as he said. anything to the left? >> take a look at barbara lee of oakland. one of a handful of congressional members to vote against going to war in iraq. very few did that. she opposes capital punishment, supports gay rights, favoring strong gun control. look at her district. it's 99.9% urban. very diverse. 25% african-american, 15% asia-american, 9% latino. she scores well in the district in which she has a very safe place. she had 37% more votes for her district than barack obama populared himself in the state.
6:39 pm
so even overwhelmingly democratic districts you see the same kind of thing. >> here's the bottom line, whether it's way to the left, way to the right, one-sided districts give enormous power to incumbents. that's what we have to walk away with. they're able to say things that are sometimes very few from the mainstream of society. >> we'll see how it all plays out at the ballot box. still to come at 6:00, meals from celebrity chefs and snappy service. the food deal for the 49ers new stadium in santa clara >> find out how mark zuckerberg's barbecue is making waves in the tech world. good evening. i'm jeff ranier ya. anywhere from 60s at the coastline to a few 80s inland. 08 in livermoor. we'll talk more about your seven-day forecast and how hot it could get this weekend, coming up.
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in health matters tonight, good dental hygiene could mean good mental hygiene too. researchers tracked 5,000 elderly people for 18 years. they found subjects who reported brushing their teeth less than once a day were 65% more likely to develop dementia. researchers in the study speculate the bacteria on teeth may spread to the brain. . americans waste 20 pounds per person per month. the figure is up 50% by the 1970s. these alarming come from the national resources defense
6:43 pm
council. food production uses 80% of the nation's freshwater, takes up 10% of the energy budget, and uses 50% of the land. nrdc is urging the government to set a target for food waste reduction. well, look at it all, we're all back together. so excited. >> fun to have you back. how was london? >> fun. it was hard work for all of us. >> nice to see you. it did a great job. >> come back with an accent? >> providing good weather for you and good weather for us. >> sunny weather. great to have you back. we'll talk more about possibly some hotter weather coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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tpaes pwhaobg ceo mark zucker berg posting about his favorite person. >> and bring anything a calf kade of new business. he is manning the grill during the the story. here's scott with the scoop. >> how often really do you get a story with both burgers and zuckerberg?
6:46 pm
mark zuckerberg taking to his own facebook page to praise an app called igrill. 40,000 likes and 100,000 plus comments later, igrill was grilled. >> basically crashed all our servers. >> that's ceo kris allen via skype telling us how the endorsement was a big one. once the website got back in business, business got very good. >>. >> it was about 100 fold. it did pick up right away. >> you plug a sensor in to measure temperature. the app then tells your mobile device via bluetooth how hot things are getting. igrill said the zuckerberg post caught them by surprise with no money changing hands. >> no, definitely not. he hasn't invested in our company. we welcome you the investment. we can come in and help us if he would like with our social
6:47 pm
media. but we haven't even had a conversation with him. >> who needs a real conversation when you have the king of social networking posting about your product? just one request for mark from the company. >> if you're going to post again, give us a little heads-up, just a little one so we can make sure the bandwidth is there. >> i'm getting it. igrill. >> does it flip the burgers for you? probably not. >> i made burgers yesterday but it was in the oven. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour here in san francisco, also oakland and live moore. 62 in san francisco. 69 in sunnyvale. 71, san jose. not too bad for drilling in the east bay. live hd sky camera tonight. here's what we have at the golden gate bridge. not a whole lot of fog compared
6:48 pm
to the last couple of days. that's good news. we expect the fog to come back the next 24 hours. a little bit of a break for mother nature right now. okay. here's the latest weather pattern. upper level trough across california. it will develop further and move off to the east. it's not very strong. it's going to keep us down in the triple digit heat category. fog in the coastline. 50s and 60s. a little bit of drizzle as well, especially across the santa cruz mountains. slightly below average for a lot of the bay area. anywhere from 70s to 80s. we'll start with 51, santa rosa. double fives in livmoor. daytime highs will top out very similar to what we had today on wednesday. 84 san jose. plenty of mid to upper 80s back in the east bay. a lot of that onshore flow
6:49 pm
having a difficult time making it across the hills. 77 in fremont. it will be cool and breezy in san francisco, 63. 68 in richmond. upper 70s to low 80s in napa. micro climate in full effect. depending where the cool breeze is we will see the coolest temperatures. mesh's cup world series across the bay area at 2:00 p.m. on thursday. comcast sportsnet. our sister station will have live racing. temperatures on thursday will be in the 60s. breaks of sunshine. winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. did you know while it's called the america's cup, this is the first time it has been hosted in the u.s. since 1995. so getting back to its roots, so to speak. three-day forecast, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s the next couple of days inland. summer stride through friday. as we head throughout this weekend, a little bit of cooling at the coastline.
6:50 pm
this is the summer forecast you want going into august. not too hot, not too cool. >> you can say it now, smooth sailing. >> you missed it. we had almost almost facts. >> i think you called me the alex trebek. >> here's stadium facts. 49ers stadium. food. for some fans the grub is almost as important as the gamement niners and the city of santa clara struck a $7 million a year deal with the major sports concessions company two years before the new stadium is set to open. come 2014 for kickoff, it will represent one of the biggest ongoing sources of revenue and jobs at the new stadium. there will be about 750 concession stands. i'm sure you will try every one of them. >> i will. >> the tpraeplt is said to include eight spots for neighborhood restaurants. not just normal hot dogs and burgers but eight neighborhood restaurants. here's the calf. a guarantee food will be ready within 60 seconds of you placing an order.
6:51 pm
>> all right. let's head out. look who i've got. >> same to you. >> oh, my goodness. >> i know. great to see you, raj. great work when you were in london. we've got a lot to talk about. we have a's and giants in playoff chase in major league baseball. but the real story is the little league world series. petaluma team in a must-win game against fairfield, connecticut. a loss and the petaluma run is done. let's go to williamsport, pennsylvania. petaluma hoping to stay alive against the team from fairfield. bottom of the second. thome at the base. it's another run. petaluma leads, 1-0. smith delivers the big blow. two on. deep center. that's a home run. petaluma poured it on.
6:52 pm
they win by a final of 5-0. they live to play another day. the a's making big roster news this afternoon. stephen drew will start at the second spot. smith has been activated from the d.l. more than a year after having tommy john surgery, left-handed pitcher brett anderson will be back on the mound as the a's take on the twins. oakland, second baseman weeks to sacramento. that's the big story today. weeks was hitting .220, 20 pheubs in his second season in the pages. 96 last year, he hit .303. kate longworth has more from the coliseum. >> anderson is back on the mound after a year layoff and stephen drew is joining the athletics. the news that trumped the clubhouse today is weeks has been sent down to aaa. this time last year weeks was leading the way for the green and gold as a rookie of the year contender.
6:53 pm
now he heads back to sacramento to work on getting his game back. >> i'm a little bit surprised, a little bit. but at the same time i just felt like somewhere i was mentally prepared for this to happen if it did happen. so when i heard it you i didn't feel a lot of stress or burden on me. it was just one of those things where i felt like it was part of the game. >> that doesn't mean he won't have the type of career we expect him to have in this organization and that he expects himself to have. sometimes these things can be a blessing in disguise. in my opinion he still has a heck of a career ahead of him. >> stephen drew taking over duties at shortstop, duties at second place will fall to rosales and pennington. great job, kate. giants try to make two straight wins in los angeles tonight. lincecum faces blanton.
6:54 pm
that's at the top of the hour. sanchez will be catching for lincecum. what happens to buster posey? he moves to first base. san francisco back a top the national league west. a win last night behind a dominant performance from bumgardner. and of course we'll have complete highlights. giants and a's at 11:00 tonight. and i'm just so excited. our little family is back together. here on the news. raj and everyone is here. i'm all excited for you. >> he's getting warm and fuzzy on live tv. thank you, jim. good to see you. >> for a full half hour of sports coverage, sportsnet central, the warm and fuzzy edition tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be back in a moment.
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coming up tonight, apple has plans for a super store in the heart of silicon valley. what makes this story different after "animal practice". and local news continues at with kreus sanchez. >> three-time olympic medalist. nathan adrian. he will join us to talk about his experience in london and what he plans to doing now that he is stepping out of the pool. it could be something entirely different. >> vie evaluating the romney/ryan ticket. what they need to focus on make the run a successful fun. >> not just any olympian. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> you go, kreus.
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